Sunday, 5 October 2014

Woman resigns after boss stopped her from saying ''God Bless You''

  A female Toll-taker is suing her boss after resigning from her job because,she was told not to say 'God Bless You" to motorists.Cynthia Fernandez said her First Amendment rights were violated .She told CBS 2
'As they leave, I said, 'Have a good day, God bless you,'He told me he wanted to talk to me, that I couldn't say, 'God bless you,' anymore to customers because somebody might get offended,It does
say, 'Provide customer service, smile' – it does say all that,'But it does not say in any line, 'Do not say, 'God bless you.'
 Her lawyer, Greg Noble, said...
By saying 'God bless you,' she's expressing herself as a Christian,And if an employer is going to restrain her ability to express herself in that way, not say something based on her religious belief, not disrupting the workplace, that's our concern.'
 She is seeking back pay with benefits and a cash settlement from the authority .She said that she feels like she’s taking a stand for God.

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