Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Photo-- Soldiers Who Are Spies To Boko Haram Arrested

 This war against Boko Haram may not be ending soon because some of the soldiers who should be fighting the sect are spies to the sect.
             These men leaked vital security information to Boko Haram which has led to a series of ambush and killing of over 30 Nigerian soldiers in recent times.

             Most of the arrested soldiers serve as orderlies or aide-de-camps, ADCs to Commanders of Troops on the field.
A source said;

“The situation became so bad that there was mutual suspicion among fellow commanders, the Brigade headquarters and even the Division headquarters. But at last, the moles were found out to be some of the orderlies and aides of Commanders. What they do is that after operational briefings and troops take off, these moles immediately pass on the information through calls.”
“Who will suspect that an orderly or the ADC of a Commander will be the one giving out information. He does everything for the Commander and he is with him all the time. He is the last person that would be suspected. But thank God, they have been exposed; the truth is now known”.

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