Friday, 17 October 2014

Photos-- 2 Male Strippers in Quarantine After Flying With Ebola-Stricken Nurse

    Two male strippers have voluntarily offered themselves up for quarantine after sitting less than three feet from Ebola-stricken nurse Amber Vinson when they flew on the same flight..
Axl Goode(right) and Taylor Cole, who model for romance novel covers and work as male dancers, were returning from a convention outside Cleveland on Frontier Airlines Flight 1143 on Monday night.

When they heard they news, they  called the CDC and have put themselves in a voluntary 21-day quarantine even after being told the nurse wasn't contagious at that point in time

They've now both put themselves in a voluntary 21-day quarantine and said they washed their clothes and bleached all of their luggage after learning they came so close to Ms Vinson.Goode told Inside Edition

  • 'If she was contagious on that flight, I was there with her in that space for three hours. I would rather keep my friends, family and other people safe by sacrificing the next three weeks and staying indoors in my apartment,' 'It’s certainly horribly frightening. If you read about what happens to somebody with Ebola and how their body breaks down, it’s a nightmare. It's a terrifying nightmare come to life,'

They have been told to take their temperatures twice a day - once when they wake up and once six hours later..

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