Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Photos-- Inmates at Brazilian Jail Tied Up Wardens, Beat, Strip And Dangle Them From Roof

 Shocking images from the uprising at the Guarapuava prison, Brazil has been released . Brazilian prison wardens were tied up and dangled from the jail roof by inmates who have seized control of the complex.
                   The uprising  began on Monday when inmates on a work detail over-powered guards, taking 12 of them hostage on the building's roof. According to Associated Press,the inmates have a long list of demands, including better food, treatment, conditions and the transfer of some prisoners to other penitentiaries.

Authorities trying to gain control of the prison uprising managed to win the release of one of 12 prison guards yesterday, but the others have been stripped naked, tied up and badly beaten by masked prisoners gathered on the rooftop, in scenes that have shocked Brazil.
More photos below


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