Monday, 20 October 2014

See The Horrible Thing Man Did To His Wife For Dating Friend

    An angry husband identified simply as Musibau in Amukoko area of Lagos State, yesterday publicly st ri pped his wife na k ed for dating his friend.

             According to Leadership report, the man trailed his wife and his friend to a beer parlour, along Alaba Oro Road.
On getting there, he angrily dragged his wife, Mulikatu out.

Customers at the bar were said to have tried to calm him down but their pleas fell on deaf ears.
Before their very eyes, he st ri pped the wife of her clo thes, even her un dies.
Kolawole, who witnessed the incident said the friend, Mufu fled the scene as he saw what Musibau was doing to his wife.
Musibau then went after him but he fortunately escaped.
Some women in the area came to Mulikatu’s aid as they provided her with wrapper and a blouse to cover her na k edness.
She then borrowed money from sympathizing residents who advised her not to go home but rather spend the night with her relatives until her husband calms down.
Kolawole added that while some women were blaming the wife for infidelity, others blamed it on the men who could not provide for their families and also satisfy them s ex ually

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