Friday, 17 October 2014

Lobatan-- Woman Quits Her Teaching Job For a Career in "Twerking"

  na wa oooh,  so "twerking" is apparently a promising career than teaching?
         Don't get me wrong, I will do anything to convince people to follow their dreams,but this one, I'm not quite sure I can.  ‘Jessica Vanessa’, a 22-year-old former kindergarten teacher from the US, has quit her job to pursue her lifelong dream of being “somebody big”.

For Ms Vanessa, that means becoming a social media celebrity.

She’s been billed as the world’s “number one twerker” with more than two million followers on her Vine account.

“What I make in six seconds would have taken me four months to make [as a teacher],” she told Barcroft TV. “I bought a new car, paid it off in full and was able to get out of debt.”

That money is coming largely from advertisers, who pay her to mention their products. She doesn’t say how much she makes but it is reportedly “six figures”.

"People like to define twerking as you’re a whore if you do it,” she said.

“No, it’s just a type of dance — that’s it. If you were open-minded you would understand that.”

Her family is very open-minded; her brother Joshua is her cameraman. “When it comes to my twerking they’re very open-minded people.

They don’t look at it as degrading, they don’t look at it in disgust. They’re very supportive.”

Her father, Rafael Deleon, said he supports her 100 per cent. “Most people might consider twerking videos sexual, but I look at in a different light,” he said. “She’s just having fun.” 

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