Friday, 17 October 2014

Must Read-- How To Win The Heart Of A Nigerian Girl (Dating Tips)

You finally asked the girl you like out. Of course you want your first date to be perfect. You have to be a king of coolness to win her heart.

1 Nigerian ladies prefer confident and strong guys. So you should be well prepared.
2 Pick up a right place. It should not be too “luxury”, but comfortable and capable with your budget. If you have no ideas – ask her about the places she likes. But remember that the final decision is up to you.
3 Take a small gift. It can be flowers, chocolate or her favorite candies. Something that will make her feel special.
4 You should pay for the dinner. Unless it was she who asked you for a date. But even in that case you should deny her proposal to pay the bills. Remember that Nigerian girls love confident men.
5 First date shouldn’t be very long. It is better to go to the movies or for a dinner. But if you like her you must make her understand that there will be a second date.
6 Look in her eyes during a conversation. But not stare at her like a pervert. You should not look like you are just lusting after her.
7 Don’t talk about yourself too much. It is better to get know her better on a first date. Of course answer her if she asks some questions about you. But you should leave some mystery. Then she would like to meet you again. Of course, that is if she likes you.
8 Be funny. But just funny to make her laugh, don’t pretend to be a stupid person. If you can make woman laugh you can make her do anything for you.
9 Be natural. You should not pretend to be someone you are not.
10. Pay Attention To Your Looks. Nigerian girls will surely pay attention to your clothes and hair. So look nice and dress well. Be well-groomed but not too much. Be confident and sincere and then everything will go well!

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