Saturday, 11 October 2014

Police Arrest 26 people suspected of being Lesbians In Delta State

   Police detectives in Delta State have arrested 26 people suspected of being le sbians in a raid on a homos exual hideout in the state capital Asaba in a major clampdown on same s ex relationships.

According to the Delta State Police Command, the suspects were picked up at a location around Awai Road Asaba in Asaba.
Detective Superintendent Celestina Kalu, a spokesman for the command, confirmed the arrests of,
adding they were picked up while allegedly having s ex with one another at their hideout. He added that the suspects were caught na k ed and upon arrest confessed to the crime during interrogation, claimed they were resorted to homos exuality as a way of eking out a living.
Detective Superintendent Kalu said the suspects would be charged to court on completion of the ongoing investigation. Apparently, their hideout is operated as a pub to ward off suspicion and operators of the spot, which has been running for the last two years, employ thugs who stand sentry at its gates. They then collect fees from those willing to be exposed to the illicit s ex ual activities at the hideout.
According to the police, teenage girls from neighbouring communities and states reportedly troop to the hideout at night where after smoking and drinking, they engage in s exual acts with patrons who pay them heavily.
This latest roundup is part of a general crackdown on homos exual activity across Nigeria. On January 7, President Goodluck Jonathan signed Nigeria’s Draconian Same S ex Marriage Prohibition Bill into law, making being homos exual punishable by 14 years in jail. It has since attracted widespread condemnation from human rights bodies and the international community, with the pope being one of those calling for tolerance of alternative lifestyles but state governments across Nigeria have been enforcing the new law hard.

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