Saturday, 11 October 2014

Photos-- Meet Dbanj’s New Manager

dbanj manager4

                  Multiple award winning pop star, D’banj now has a new manager and she has got a beautiful smile.
                  D’banj who parted ways with Tony Nwakalor (his friend and manager) a while ago, has now hired an American-based woman, Tonya Merritt as his manager.

                    D’Banj broke the news by sharing a photo of himself, Tonya Merritt and renowned photographer, Reza on Instagram, with the caption: ‘Reza the Great National Geographic Fellow and my manager, Tonya Merritt, successful day guys.’'

Also, in one of tweets, he shared picture of her with the caption: ‘EJA NLA and the best and rarest Agent in the World. Mamalet of Life Tonya Merritt the one who gets me…lol! God bless you!’
dbanj manager3

Returning the favour, Tonya, a business consultant, publicist and booking agent, also shared a picture of the kokomaster cuddling her with the caption, ‘Best client and friend in the whole wide world. Dbanj Rocked Durban tonight with Snoop Lion.’
dbanj manager2
According to reports, her relationship with D’Banj dates back to several years ago.
She has allegedly been the one pulling the strings and getting D’Banj a number of international deals, shows, collabos and endorsements.
The good guys at NET say “she was instrumental in his collaborations with Snoop Lion, she pulled the strings that got Giuseppe Zannoti to present D’banj with a custom made sneakers and was also responsible for the D’Banj-Kenya Monroe aside many others. In the beginning, Tonya’s job was limited to managing D’banj’s international bookings and deals, but now she has assumed full custody of his entire management.”
Oh by the way, we love that smile of hers!

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