Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Photos-- Adultress Stripped Na*ked And Beaten In Busy Shopping Centre

   This is the shocking moment a woman accused of sleeping with someone else's husband was savagely beaten in broad daylight as passers-by watched on, reports. It's the latest in a string of copycats attacks in china, including one month ago when a half-naked woman was stamped on by a stiletto-wearing rival.

In this latest incident, accused Lin Yao Li, 38, was ambushed by four women as she walked home from shops in Puyang, in eastern China's Henan Province.

Punching and kicking her to the ground while she writhed in agony, her attackers then ripped her clothes off and continued the beating, pulling her hair and kicking her in the breasts and groin.
Scores of people pass by without making an attempt to help the outnumbered and defenceless victim.

A man who later helped the lady when they were done beaten her said;

''This type of thing is becoming quite normal. Angry wives and girlfriends get their revenge on their cheating men by attacking the other woman.

People don't tend to get involved because they see it as being an argument of the heart''.

She was later rushed to the hospital.


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