Monday, 13 October 2014

NYSC Corp Member Allegedly Absconds with $14,400 Meant for 144 Corpers in Osun

  A Youth Corper by name Abayomi Isaac Oyebukola is being accused of absconding with about N2.3m  given to him to share among 144 corp members in Osun State.
                    According to sources who sent the info,he is a Batch 'C' corp member,serving in Iwo Local govt.Area of Osun state.His NYSC code no is Os/13c/1402.He is the corper liason officer(CLO) as chosen by the NYSC local government inspector(LGI).Abayomi is a graduate of the department of English from the prestigious University of Ibadan.

He has since been 'at large' with $14,400 given to him on the 9th of August 2014 by political parties participating in the Osun state gubernatorial election as a largesse to the 144 corp members of the local government that participated in the election.i.e $100 per person.
Abayomi was seen by some of his friends in Ibadan with claims from them that he has bought a car and said he will collect his NYSC discharge certificate through the back door.
The NYSC officials reportedly do not want it to be brought to light but the aggrieved corp members are scared he may end up getting his discharge certificate and later on become a political figure and steal from 170million Nigerians.

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