Thursday, 2 October 2014

Not Again!!! Boko Haram Kidnap 35 People In Borno

Boko Haram have kidnapped at least 35 people in Gwoza, Borno State.
This happened on the eve of Nigeria’s 54th Independence Anniversary, hours before President Goodluck Jonathan called for peace.

According to Punch, in his Wednesday speech the president expressed concern over the fact that despite the successes of the acting administration, people live in fear over insurgents’ ghastly activities, which challenge the nation’s unity.
“In my address to the nation last year, I did emphasise that we were in a sober moment in our country. We are still in that mood in spite of the many accomplishments of our administration. Our sombreness has to do with the crises of nationhood occasioned by the activities of terrorist elements who have done the unimaginable to challenge our unity as a people.”
As Jonathan urged Nigerian to put aside political differences for the sake of peace and to support the authorities in the fight against terrorism, a new mass abduction took place in Borno, Punch reports.
Suspected Boko Haram militants kidnapped no fewer than 35 fleeing people, including a mother and her twins in Gwoza, seized by the terrorists weeks ago.
The displaced people were reportedly running away from the troubled territory when the incident occurred.
The Executive Chairman of Stefanos Foundation, Mr. Mark Lipdo, disclosed the information saying the people were kidnapped Tuesday evening.
The official referred to the sources, providing that 3 abducted people died in the hands of the captors.The twins’ mother was identified as Maryamu Emmanuel, while 2 of those who died - Tada Lahupara and Yohanna Kitha.
Borno is becoming the state associated with mass kidnaps. In April Boko Haram insurgents abducted more than 200 school girls from Chibok. Nearly half a year after the tragedy the victims still have not reunited with their families.
It comes alongside the new tactics used by the insurgents, who establish caliphate in the captured territories. As Boko Haram try to advance, the Nigerian military fight back. Some of the attacks are being repelled and some towns get recaptured by the army, however the other seized territories still remain under sect control.

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