Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Mother Lets Gang Of Men Rape 10-Year-Old Daughter For 5 Years

      A mum has been arrested over claims she allowed her young daughter to be raped by a gang of men from the age of four.
               The girl, who is now 10, told detectives that she was repeatedly sexually abused over a five-year period by different men, leading to the arrests of seven people, including her mom and her uncle.

A security source told news men it is one of the worst examples of alleged child abuse that officers have ever encountered. It is absolutely horrific. On a scale of one to 10 this ranks at around a 20.
According to the girl, she was living with her mother in South Dublin at the time the attacks took place and she would take her to a number of houses where she was forced by different men to perform horrific sex acts.
Officers have been unable to establish if money was exchanged whenever the girl was abused.
Although the alleged abuse began when the girl was four, officers believe the worst attacks took place when she was aged between six and nine.
The men arrested are said to be from age 19 to 47, while the two women, her mom and her mom’s pal are in their 40s.

They are currently being detained in a number of stations in the South Dublin area.

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