Saturday, 11 October 2014

Married Female Corper Who Cheated With An Aboki Boy Sent Packing

 Things have not been the way it looked for some of the men who allowed their wives to leave home for the three weeks NYSC orientation camp programmes in different parts of the country.
                     A married woman who was reportedly decamped having been caught making love with one of these aboki boys who come along to ask for arms in one of the Northern camps has been sent packing by her husband.

It was reported tha
t the camp authorities called her husband, thinking it was her father, to inform him of what his daughter did on camp.
“ So infuriated was the husband that the poor man went through the stress of removing all her belongings from his house to her parent’s house.
The source who broke the news said that “Other offences that could make one liable to be decamped includes: lunacy, which by now many people would have screamed God forbid, fighting and injuring fellow corps members ,stealing, breaking any of the outlined camp rules all of which have escaped my memory and, of course, infidelity

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