Wednesday, 1 October 2014

I got Pregnant, We got Married & His Family came in ––Actress Juliet Ibrahim on her Failed Marriage

   Juliet Ibrahim has revealed in a chat with Uduak Oduoko that the intervention of her hubby's family members in their marriage, by way of gossips, is responsible for her failed marriage:

    "I call it a failure because I’m someone who likes to go into things and tell myself I have to make it work. I got married at age 24, he was 24 too then we were happy in love but we really didn’t get a chance to really know ourselves.

    "He was a sweet person and all, I got pregnant along the line and we continued. Not long after family members kept coming in saying 'oh no, she’s an actress'. He’s a very soft person so he usually tells me what he hears about me. Along the line, we just grew apart."

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