Sunday, 7 September 2014

Nyanya Blast Suspect Denies Any Links With Boko Haram

Nyanya bombing suspected mastermind Aminu Sadiq Ogwuche denies knowledge of the operation, which claimed hundreds of lives.
It was made known yesterday at the press conference held in Abuja, Sahara Reporters provides. The spokesperson of the Department of State Security (DSS) Marilyn Ogar also said that Ogwuche, so as 5 other suspects arrested in connection with the blast, denied having any links with the official of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), as it had been alleged by the Australian negotiator Stephen Davis.

Last week Davis, allegedly hired by the Nigerian authorities to negotiate for Chibok girls release, claimed that Boko Haram were sponsored by some of the Nigerian politicians and said that their funds were passing through the CBN. According to Davis, top bank official helped the insurgents. While his name was not provided in print, it was however mentioned:
“…a senior official of CBN, who recently left the bank, was very close to Sodiq Aminu Ogwuche, the mastermind of the Nyanya bombings who also schooled in Sudan. Boko haram commanders said Ogwuche’s wife used to visit this top official in his office at the headquarters of the bank in Abuja before the Nyanya bombings.”
It would be recalled that Ogwuche, a former soldier, is believed to have planned the dire bombing with 5 of his acquaintances. Shortly after committing the crime he escaped from the country to Sudan, where he was arrested by the Sudanese security. The saga with the alleged mastermind’s extradition had lasted for around a month until he was finally returned to Nigeria to face charges.
Speaking yesterday about the claims made by the Australian expert, Ogar also said that the DSS was not the source of the information credited to Davis. Actually, Davis himself insisted that all the information in his possession he had obtained personally from Boko Haram commanders.
Ogwuche’s denial now contradicts the previous statements by Nyanya bombing suspect Yau Saidu, who said that he and Ogwuche drove the bomb-laden vehicle to the Nyanya motor park.
The major suspect insists he has nothing to do with Boko Haram, with Nyanya explosion and other suspects detained alongside with him.

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