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How To Use BBM Channel

You may ask what is BBM channel? BBM channel is the social media app for Blackberry that lets you post messages, share pictures, spark discussions, and chat directly with your subscribers. It’s a two-way street, not a one-way broadcast. It is an interesting new bbm feature integrated into the app that active bb users are now using to galvanize traffic for their blog sites and other social media channels. Here in this article, we shall aim to address the frequent issues users have with the bbm channels. so first of all we discuss on how you can join from your smart phone.

How to Join:  It is simple how to join  and start using the bbm channels but first if you are using blackberry then you would need to first of all  UPGRADE your bbm software as follows
i. BBM appworld
ii. My World
iii. Apps & Updates
iv. BBM
v. Download and Install
vi. Finish
After updating, search and locate the bbm channels icon in your newly upgraded bbm app and then  ENTER YOUR CORRECT DATE OF BIRTH ( if u falsify your age and claim to be younger then you will be RESTRICTED in joining certain channels as you are NOT mature enough)  


For Android Users already using BBM on their devices:
i.Go to Playstore for BBM and click on UPDATE
After updating,check the bbm app and locate the channels icon, if prompted for the date of birth then be sure to input the correct date of birth else you wont be allowed to certain channels as a minor
For Iphone Users already using BBM on their devices:
i.Go to Apple Store for BBM and click on UPDATE
After updating, check the bbm app and locate the channels icon, if prompted for the date of birth then be sure to input the correct date of birth else you wont be allowed to certain channels as a minor
To further demonstrate how bbm channels work, we shall illustrate with a sample post from the NAIJA WINK bbm channel  NAIJA WINK C00485E2D ( See pic below)
The post is titled ‘Birthday Mates’, has been read by 3923 subscribers, grossed 1810 comments and 65 likes. To join the conversation and make your comments, you would have to click on the comment icon and then add yours as well as to see what others are saying. To like the post, all you need to do is click on the ‘LIKE’ button in a much similar manner like on facebook. if you have own channel and would like to REPOST (similar to RETWEET on Twitter) then click on the three dots and select the repost option.
Bbm channels thus allows you to start up conversations and follow your desired interests closely and so you…
Don’t just spectate, participate.
Agree, disagree, debate; when you want to get in on a conversation, you can comment on a post or reply to someone else’s comment to keep the discussion going. By re-posting to your own Channel you can share info you’ve found on other Channels that you subscribe to.
And you well know that the Bbm channel is just…..
Open, yet private.
You control the conversation on your Channel. Allow subscribers comment on posts freely or choose to approve them first; let subscribers chat with you directly anytime, or set chat hours; Channels lets you interact with subscribers without ever giving out personal details, or even having to add them to your BBM contact list. And with private Channels, you can keep in touch with closer circles on an invite only basis.
And of course…..
Always on and always with you.
Because Channels live on your smartphone right in BBM, you have access to them anywhere you are. And with notifications built in to BBM, you can get instant updates on the Channels you follow or when someone interacts with a post on your Channel.
What Works On Bbm Channels : Bbm channels  is a very exciting social media utility and what’s interesting about it is how quickly it gets things viral much like twitter. It however draws comparison to two of the most relevant social networks currently, i.e Twitter & Facebook, it also offers the advantage of a threaded posts. Bbm channel owners with up to 10,000 subcribers are already reaping the HUGE rewards of the efficacy of this platform to boost traffic for their  blogs as well as earn cool money from promotional activities they carry out  there.
What You Need to Do : Join the FEW of  the MOST interesting BBM channels in AFRICA and participate in the lively discussions  daily there. You will be more than entertained

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