Saturday, 27 September 2014

Photos-- Would you Rock Nick Cannon's $2 Million Diamond Shoe?

  Ever since the host of America's Got Talent,"  wore this shoes on the finale’s red carpet that worth more than most people’s life savings, the whole media has been buzzing.
Lets honour the shoe small..
"Nick Cannon's 2 million dollar shoes was made from Diamonds. It is being reviewed by Guinness properties to be potentially named as the most expensive shoes in the world. The designer behind it is Tom Ford. It was said to have 14,000 white diamonds wedged into the white gold."

Ok now, let's do some analysis..
"I was like "could this be for real" Reading the amount the shoes cost, so as a Nigeria guy, I converted it to Naira, which is about 326,000,000 Naira. Then I said to myself, if someone gave me this shoe to wear, I will need Nigerian military to guide my legs before something funny happens if at all I will wear it or actually take it and disappear."
My Question:
As an African, What do you think about the shoe and what will you do if the shoe is been given to you..?

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