Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Tru Of False? Women Are No Longer Submissive- Tosin Martins

 Tosin Martins has said women of today are not as submissive as their mothers and it's quite worrisome. He cited some examples that he thinks make these women proud so to say and the reasons they have not been submissive to their husbands. A reporter from Schooltips & More Magazine who had this interview with him was forced to ask the singer who has been married for 8 years if his wife has also been submissive to him. Find out what he said after the cut.

About women not being submissive;
Our women today are of a different breed. Our women today are not really like our mothers. The average woman today is not as submissive as their mothers and a guy who is not ready to overlook that weakness would have a problem with marriage. These days you have to argue and defend your views and if it goes well, all parties can then agree.  It shouldn't be that way; there is a certain measure of honour a woman must give a man as the head.
Is your wife submissive?
To the extent she can, she does her best to be fair to her. She is probably maybe not as bad as your average girl. But the truth is today’s woman struggles with you saying yes and she just agrees. She would want to know why. She wants to give you her own side of the story. She thinks she is making sense and you are not making sense. Today, a woman tells you she is travelling; she is not asking you for permission. There is some individuality taking place. It’s a major struggle.
What do you think is responsible for this?
I think is majorly because they have become their own people. They are as educated as you are; they are working as you are working, they are earning money and you are, they have a world view like you have. They are empowered now and have their own voice and want to express.

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