Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Photo-- Drunk Guy Slams His Vehicle into Cop Car Four Times

Redneck Pickup Truck
   A forty-year-old Texas man is in some hot water after his drunken stupor over the weekend.The man crashed his vehicle through a fence and somehow ended up in a stranger’s driveway. A policeman quickly responded and used his cop car to block the drunk idiot from leaving. Unfortunately, a paddy wagon wasn’t going to stop this guy from accomplishing his mission (whatever that may be)

The man hit reverse, slamming into the cop car, only to pull forward and try it again. After the fourth round of bumper cars the policeman finally pulled his weapon and got the inebriated out of his vehicle at gunpoint.
My favorite thing about Texas is knowing that marijuana will never be legal there, but giving someone moonshine at the local watering hole until he can’t spell his name is perfectly legit.  Several charges will be added to his DUI including evading arrest and criminal mischief. 

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