Sunday, 7 September 2014

Naija Biggest Export After Crude Oil ''2baba'' Shares Secrets On How He Writes His Hit Songs
Naija biggest export after crude oil, 2face idibia aka 2baba revealed some of his secret on how he writes his hit songs
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 Every musician has their best moment of writing songs. But just few of them do not need any special moment to write their hit songs,they do need some certain indices to make click. One of such entertainers is 2face Idibia. 2Face Idibia has the freedom to include certain not-so-marriage-worthy lyrics to his songs. And that is due to the understanding of his wife, Annie Macaulay.

2face & Annie Macaulay tied the knot in 2013, and the couple have had to deal with certain challenges to the union, inclusive of rumors of infidelity in the media. But all of that has not made her to censor his lyrics,with 2face revealing the depth of her understanding during an interview with Olisa Adibua on 'The Truth'.

“My wife is very understanding." 2Face said. “Even if I say some things (in my music), sometimes it's just an artistic expression.

“It doesn't really mean that it happened to me, or I did it like that. But sometimes you need to create some excitement in music, and do all that. She's cool, she's very understanding. In that aspect.

“It's hectic, but when you put yourself out there to do stuff, responsibilities come with it. You have to create time for everything. You have to create time for work, create time for pleasure.
2face Idibia also revealed how his lyrics are born. For him, it comes in a number of ways, depending on several factors. Although, he leaves that to his moments of inspiration.

“For me it's depending on the mode, the situation, sometimes I'm in the plane or I'm in the club, an inspiration just pops up. At that moment, I might decide to just take my phone up, and record whatever is coming into my head from my phone.

He added: “Sometimes I just sit down at home, get a pen and paper, and just start creating the melody in my head, and writing the lyrics. Sometimes I write the lyrics, and create the melody before I go to the studio, and the producer will ...or I even do it myself.

2face Idibia recently lost his father to Prostate Cancer. His 6th studio album, 'The Ascension', is currently the highest selling album in iTunes Nigeria.

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