Wednesday, 3 September 2014

I Use Axe For Cutting Victims Who Resist - Robbery Suspect

    Suspected armed robber, Olalekan Ajibola, who uses an axe to frighten and hack uncooperative victims was arrested by the State Police Command in Mushin, Lagos.
According to Punch, Ajibola, who hails from Abebi in Ibadan, Oyo State, uses an axe
as weapon for robbery. He had operated with it on five different occasions, hacking uncooperative victims.

Olalekan Ajibola was reportedly caught trying to break into a home in the area with an axe. He was arrested after residents raised an alarm and called the police.
“I learnt to rob while in Oyingbo. When I go out for operations, I carry my axe. I have operated with it on five different occasions. When I enter houses, I ask people for money, phones and other valuables. If they resist, I will hack them with the axe. I use the axe for cutting victims who resist,” Ajibola said.
Ajibola added that he took to robbery because of poverty and that there were four other members in his gang.
According to him, when his mother who was a chemist became mentally sick, his father who is a commercial driver in Lagos left the family.
“I was brought up in a hard way. That is why I also don’t dress well. I rob in order to survive. I eat at any restaurant I find myself. I sneak in and out of them to have my meals,” he added.
Since his father left the family, he had been wandering around till he got to Lagos. “I was learning work before in Ibadan. I also sold clothes. I attended a primary school in Ibadan. That was the only education I had,” Ajibola said.

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