Monday, 8 September 2014

I Didn’t Know My Husband Was A Footballer When I Met Him- Adaeze Yobo

  Former Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (2008), Adaeze Yobo in an interview with The Sun has revealed that the first time she met Joseph Yobo, she never knew he was a footballer and neither did he know she was a reigning queen. She told The Sun how they met and why they had to marry so fast even though the last thing on her mind was marriage.

How did you meet your hus­band?
I met him in Nigeria through a friend at an event. From there, we became close friends. I became pregnant and we got married im­mediately. Everything happened in a very short time. A lot of people thought it wasn’t going to work but at that moment, I knew I felt something I had never felt with anyone in my life and I said to myself, why not take that chance? I’m quite prayerful , so I knew there’s no way I could err, though I never planned getting married so early. I had so many dreams of what I wanted in life. Mar­riage was the last thing on my mind. It happened so fast and I thought I should give it a shot.

So, what attracted you to him?
When we first met, I didn’t know who he is really. He didn’t know that I was the most beautiful girl in Nigeria. When I knew he was a footballer, I said to myself this relationship might not work or lead us anywhere, because of the lifestyle of some footballers who have so many girlfriends.
Do you regret marrying him?
Not at all. No marriage can ever be perfect. Even my relationship with my mum can never be perfect. I have never regretted any moment with my husband and I always say to my sisters and cousins that I don’t know what I could have been without my hus­band. I wondered the kind of man I would have ended up with if I didn’t marry him. I thank God that He planned my life and I’m living the life He planned for me. God has been gracious to me in every way.

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