Saturday, 28 June 2014

Kai!... Uruguay Fans Welcome Home Luis Suarez With Toy Plastic Vampire's Teeth

Pobrecito! (poor child)....Look like bad deeds makes one  famous than good deeds. Since after the Uruguayan footballer Luis Suarez bit an Italy defender  Giorgio Chiellini in the 80th minute of their World Cup clash, his popularity has grown more than before. Luis Suarez has been sent back home after the incident. Not only was he banned from all football activities but also forbidden from entering a stadium at the World cup.

Meanwhile,back home more than 500 supporters waited outside Montevideo's Carrasco international airport to await the player's arrival before he was due to head home to the resort of Solymar, around 25 miles outside the city. Many were carrying Uruguay flags, posters and replicas of the World Cup trophy - but a few couldn't resist wearing a set of fangs and vampire teeth to welcome him back. In Rio, there are advert billboards in mockery of Luis Suarez. See more photos below....

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