Friday, 27 June 2014

Video: A Police Officer Beats, Allegedly Tears Pregnant Woman's Clothes in Lagos

A police officer, Aurthur Okeke  (ID. No.453255) has been caught on tape violently harassing a heavily pregnant woman in Lagos and her family members are right now demanding justice.

According to Busayomi who tweeted the incident earlier on today, she is the victim's sister in-law, Arthur had dragged her pregnant sister who is in her 3rd trimester out of the bus, beat her and even tore her cloth just because he wanted to rest his head on her back rest. This happened
yesterday at Bar Beach, Lagos and Busayomi says her sister has been at the hospital.

Fortunately, someone else in the bus recorded a part of the assault, minutes before Arthur actually pulled the pregnant lady out of the bus to beat her. Watch the video here:

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