Wednesday, 25 June 2014


Turn heads no matter what shape you are. Try these styling tips to look slimmer instantly.

  •  Know Your Type

The first trick to styling yourself slimmer is to determine your body shape. Most women’s bodies mimic one of a few basic shapes — pear, inverted triangle, straight, or hourglas. Once you know which shape you are, aim to keep your upper and lower halves balanced. For a full-hipped, small-chested pear this might mean a dark, simple shape on the bottom and a playful, bold blouse on top. Broad-shouldered triangles might consider more of a fitted top and a fun, flared skirt. Hourglass and straight body types can invest in belts to highlight or create waistlines.”

  • Graze, Don’t Cling

We’re talking about how your clothes fit. When it comes to T-shirts, tops, skirts, pants, and dresses, fabrics that gently graze your body without clinging to you will be the most flattering. When you do slip into skinny jeans or leggings, go looser on your top to balance the look out.

  • Fool the Eye

Designers know women want styles that will slim them down, so keep an eye out for clever cuts while shopping. Look for dresses with dark side panels to narrow your frame or color-blocked garments that can give you some shape. Strategically placed prints can also do a great job enhancing or minimizing your figure.

  • Support Your Girls

Nothing can pack on the pounds more than saggy boobs in an ill-fitting bra. For the well endowed, try investing in a cleavage-reducing style. If that doesn’t do the trick, try adding a bandeau on top of your regular bra for a controlled top that isn’t too constricting.

  • Break the Rules

When it comes to both fashion and fit, there really are no rules. You might hear a cowl neck is only good for small-chested women, or maxis are only for those 5’7″ and taller, but you have to listen to your own voice. As long as you have confidence, you can rock whatever you want — if you’re wearing it with a smile.

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