Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Chris Brown Post Photo Of Karrueche’s Butt On Instagram

Last week karrueche posted a photo of a woman flaunting her butt with stretched marks but looks like the photo was not her so today she posted photo of her own real butt with stretch marks with the caption;
 About a week ago I posted a pic of a butt with stretch marks on it.. The butt wasn't mine.. I was agreeing w the pic in reference to the stretch marks.. The owner seemed to be upset that I posted the pic so I've decided to go ahead and post mine.. These are my tiger marks.

 As if the butt post was not enough, Chris Brown posted another photo of  same Karrueche tanned butt on his IG page and guess what?. His fans thinks Rihanna's butt is better off than karrueche's butt. Hehehe, fans and their comparisons!..See photo snaps of comments below..

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