Thursday, 26 June 2014

Why are Some Women Disrespecting their Bodies by Posting 'Sexy' Photos of Themselves on Social Media?

David shared this question. What do you think?
Just a little rant here, correct me if I am wrong. These are just personal thoughts and questions but it’s ridiculous and disturbing.
And this has translated (probably even greater) right on over to Instagram. The site is filled with image after image of women in the same type of attention-seeking, barely any clothes on, butt posing photos. And the “thirst” isn’t just from women; men are showing their ignorance as well.
 Seeing how the rise in social media has caused so many to “expose” themselves to the

online world, I’m wondering: Did Instagram (and other social media) destroy self-respect?
 Since when did uploading butt shots become the norm? Since when did posting countless half-naked photos putting all your goodies on display to “get your likes up” become the thing to do? Have we lost all self-respect?
 Why do women disrespect their bodies this way? Is attention from total strangers that important?
Again I ask, is it that real out here? Do likes and comments on a photo determine your self-worth? So much so that you can only put revealing and/or “perfect” filter-enhanced photos on Instagram to get attention and feedback?

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