Friday, 27 June 2014

Man Kills His Brother For Having an Afair With His Ex- Wife (Photo)

  A 39-year-old man Michael Christopher Wasar, was arrested after he allegedly killed his older brother, 45-year-old Matthew Wasar when he learned that his older brother was sleeping with his former wife. 
            Police in Peoria, Arizona, said that the man shot his older brother for trading drugs in exchange for sex with the former wife of the suspect. 
The altercation began when Wasar learned that his former wife, Jessica Wasar, took some of his items and gave it to his brother.
The two broke into the older brother’s home to retrieve the items, which Jessica Wasar had stolen from her former husband and gave to his brother. 

The older brother’s roommate warned them with a gun so they left. The pair then met Matthew Wasar, who was in a car outside the house. 

The two began arguing, and Wasar punched his brother in the face before allegedly shooting him once in the chest. 

Police said that the shooting occurred because Wasar resented his brother for having an affair with his former wife. 

Michael Christopher Wasar told them that he shot his brother when the victim attacked him with a knife. However, witnesses said that they saw Matthew Wasar holding a knife in his hand, but never threatened his younger brother.

Matthew Wasar was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. Michael Christopher Wasar is facing charges of second-degree murder, kidnapping and robbery.

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