Wednesday, 25 June 2014

13-Year Old Nigerian Boy Dies Trying To Save Drowning Girl

13-year old Ricky Osagie
A 13-year old Nigerian boy residing in Ireland has become the embodiment of heroism after losing his life while trying to save a drowning girl.
The boy - Ricky Osagie is reported to have ran into troubled waters after he dove into a man-made pond at the Waterville Hall residential complex in Blanchardstown, Dublin in an attempt to save a female friend who was at the verge of drowning. The girl was reported to have gone into the water and when she started having difficulties getting out, Ricky and another friend went in the save the girl.
Soon enough though, both girls had difficulties getting out and it was up to Ricky to save them both which he did but not without some severe damage to himself as he was said to not know how to swim.

Although both girls were saved eventually, Ricky who played great football and had hopes of representing Ireland someday, passed away the following day.
Speaking about his late son, Ricky's father described him as a hero. In his words:
«"He was trying to help someone else.That's what happened. My son died a hero. He went in and then that was it. My son is gone but a girl is alive because of him. He always smiled and was happy all the time. He was such a fantastic footballer. We have trophies everywhere in the house. Ricky was going to play for Ireland, that's what he said he was going to do. He had so many friends. He is a hero, a real hero. I want the world to know what my son did. He was a man."
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