Thursday, 22 May 2014


Ex is a word meaning former girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband. It is very common for people to be carried by past memories. This tends to tempt them to go back hoping the situation will change. I have a Friend who has been breaking up and making up with his girlfriend.
Keeping the communication after breakup is one major reason you go back to your ex. During communication, he/she will keep telling you how his/her current lover is not good, how he wishes you were together. This makes you feel like going back expecting things will change for better.

 There is nothing good that comes out of going back to your ex, these are the reasons: You will look desperate no matter who brought about the idea. If a girl goes back to the man for example, the man will take her for granted knowing that no matter what he does the lady will always stick there or better leave and come back again later.

He won’t even care how you will feel and might even have other ladies around and won’t mind you knowing. Criticism:You will also be receiving criticism from them for every small mistakes you make. He/she will remind you all the mistakes you make and remind you that you have not changed any bit. This is because of the decrease in your value to him/her and all he/she sees in you are mistakes and the pain of divorce or separation. People will laugh at you:

During divorce or separation, most of your friends and family will know about it. There might be some unpleasant situations during separation and most of the time you wash your dirty linen in public. If you go back, most of your family and friends and the public in general will see you as a fool who will never learn.

You Ex might be on a mission to revenge: You might have hurt your ex so much during separation or divorce. After sometime your ex might have healed from the pain and getting back to you might be a scheme to have his/her revenge.

It is very dangerous since he/she might be planning to hurt you either physically or emotionally. If your Ex ends up dumping you this time you will be very much hurt since you never expected and you will remain blaming your self for going back to him.

Because of this I think it is wiser to Let your Ex remain your ex and no matter how tempting it might be, NEVER go back. Give yourself time to heal and wait for another opportunity. There are lots of things you can do and think of that will affect your life positively than to dwell in the memories of your Ex. If it didn’t work at first, what makes you think it will change and work this time.


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