Saturday, 31 May 2014

LASU: Striking Lecturers Might Be Fired, University Closed

 Striking Lagos State University lecturers might be fired, said the state governor's special adviser on education Otunba Fatai Olukoga.

               The official also claimed that if the protest continued, they might be forced to close the Lagos State University.
                  Responding to the demand of LASU lecturers, who want 70 to be the retirement age, Olukoga was quoted saying by PM News it was not possible noting that lecturers cannot become Metuselahs in the system:
                "If you are a good lecturer and you retire at 60, you would be reappointed by the government and be given more money than what you are getting before, that was the challenge we throw at them but they are not ready for that."

The governor's adviser also explained that early retirement would enable employment for young people.
Olukoga criticized the strikers over their unwillingness to grow professionally, to do research work and publish books to justify their demands for promotion and longer years of service.
"Today, we have N1 billion naira in the kitty for research in all our institutions, and we ask all the lecturers to come and access it. You won’t believe that we did not have any lecturer from LASU that applied. The majority of those who applied were from the University of Lagos and other institutions."
Meanwhile one of the university lecturers, who pleaded anonymity, said:
"Let the school fees be reduced, attend to the issues of promotion decisively, and allow lecturers stay till 70 years, that is all we seek and we are not backing out either."

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