Saturday, 31 May 2014

Kanye West Bans Kim K From Starring In Reality TV Show

  Report has it that Kanye West is already trying to take control of Kim Kardashian‘s career and her manager, Kris Jenner, is not impressed.
              According to source, Kanye had been holding on all these while, pretending to like what Kim does for a living. But now that he's now her husband, he's shown an outright hatred for her job.
               Again, we heard that Kris Jenner is furious that Kanye has started to get involved in the family's business and wants to stop the one person who brought the Kardashian's much fame and fortune- Kim.

We sincerely hope this isn't true, maybe it's just a rumour. Yes, we know Kim love Kanye and is crazy about him but would he want to stop her from doing that one thing that contributes so much to her being and happiness?
But if it happens to be true, that means Kanye should be ready to get dumped by kim because, take it leave it, the Kardashians will fight right back. And, we know Kim to be the type who quickly bails out on troubled marriages as exemplified in her previous nuptials.

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