Saturday, 31 May 2014

Photos: Man Invents Condom that Covers Just the Tip Of Penises, Leaves Shaft Exposed

An American has invented a new condom which he says is stronger, safer and enables better sensitivity. And the new condom is called the Galactic Cap Condom (Penis Helmet)

This new condom sits only on the very tip of the penis, leaving the shaft exposed boosting sensitivity and enabling easier application. It was developed by LA-based Charles Powell after one of his friends contracted HIV.

The condom comprises two parts - a U-shape polyurethane adhesive film that wraps around the penis
- like a plaster around a finger - and a cap that sticks to it to firmly trap semen.

Mr Powell claims the polyurethane part is like a second skin - and can be put on hours or days in advance as it can be worn while urinating and washing. But when a man wants to have sex, he peels off the paper backing on the cap and sticks it to the polyurethane to securely bond the two and trap semen.

He insists the device, which is transparent, will stay on for the duration.

Mr Powell believes his product provides a solution to three common issues with condoms: a lack of sensitivity, problems getting into the packaging and applying the condom.

Very interesting, rght? But would you prefer this to the regular condoms, guys?

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