Thursday, 22 May 2014


I was just walking through the motion ground one friday morning after lectures, when I saw a beautiful lady sitting all alone on one of the concrete benches. She was so captivating she looked like an angel, with her light complexioned skin and the matching jewelleries she had all over herself.

The one that got my attention was the leg chain she had on her ankle, as I moved closer, I noticed she had a ring on one of her toes I began to wonder how crazy she would be, definitely she would have a band around her waist, I thought to myself I asked if I could join her and she consented, saying it is even boring sitting all alone.

I immediately capitalised on that and started a conversation, it didint take long before we clicked and it was like we had known for ages. I asked her where she was up to from there and she replied she would be going home. She happened to live not far from my hostel. I saw her off to her hostel and she asked me to chill with her as it will be so boring all alone, I asked her if she doesn't have a boyfriend, she said no that she doesn't have time for guys that she wanna face her academics squarely I tot to my self , this one go be one kind effico o

 Her room was not that bad, she had everything properly set with standard electronics sets, I wondered if I was in a students' or a married womans room, she offered me red wine from her mini fridge. I asked if I could check media on her phone and she said yes

I went straight to the video section to see if I could get some videos I didn't have on my phone, I got some couple of naija music videos, but what baffled me was that the X-rated videos on her phones was all-girls, I mean lesbian videos and not only that, not a single guys photo was seen on her phone, not even male celebrities, just female celebrities and those with crazy style of clothin with much skin exposed. Then I began to wonder if she was a lesbian,

I never bothered to ask since it was not really my business and everyone is entitled to their own opinion as well as sexual orientation. I just left when it was getting dark and promised to call her later.

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