Monday, 11 August 2014

Revealed-- 5 Dirty Ways Abuja Big Girls Make Their Wealth

It is not everyone in the capital of Nigeria especially the ladies who have a normal job. It has been discovered that some of these big girls in Abuja have some dirty ways of making a lot of money.
They are seen dining in some places where some hard working Nigerians may never step their feet in because of the money that is involved in such places.
Some drive flashy and exotic cars and live in posh apartments, and even travel around the world for holidays.

It has been revealed that some of these girls do not have relatives or families in the capital city while the few of them are students.
Sleeping With Dogs
This is one horrible ways that these girls make their money by sleeping with animals and get paid in dollars. Sometimes, these acts are recorded with cameras and sold outside the shores of Africa.
Buying Mobile Numbers Of Top Politicians
Some of the girls buy the mobile numbers of some top Nigerian politicians especially the lawmakers. As soon as they get these numbers they do not waste time in connecting with the men.
Dating White Guys
You see a lot of them hanging around places where white men meet and they have their connections with these men achieved within a short time.
Giving Birth and selling their babies for money
Some of these girls would go as far as giving birth to babies and selling them to desperate couples who have no kids.
Hanging out around high brow hotels.
This is one popular way of making so much money. They are seen hanging around some big hotels and have a night work of the ‘runs’ girls.
Source-- TON

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