Sunday, 24 August 2014

Meet ''Jigawa'' Hotel Worker Who Found and Returned 17M

Malam Yusuf Usman is a Nigerian citizen and a hotel worker in the capital city of Jigawa State, Dutse. He is 37 years of age and earns about N20,000 per month. But this man wowed hundreds of thousands of his compatriots by returning an iPad and N17m he had encountered.

WeeklyTrust found the man who has chosen the pass of hard work and honesty and resisted the temptation.
A couple of weeks ago Usman came across belongings forgotten by one of the guests. An iPad, foreign currency and Naira notes totalling about N17m were discovered. The man explained his move by the fact that he was brought up not to covet other people’s property.
“I have been with Three-Star Hotel, Dutse, Jigawa State, for the past 15 years and I am currently their Reception Manager. What actually happened was that on that fateful day that I found the money, I was on my way from reception to see one of the housekeepers. I passed through the hotel garden where some of our guests usually relax.
“As I was going, I saw an iPad lying close to one of the flowers in the garden and there was nobody there. So I went and took the iPad so that I could take it to the reception and wait for the owner who may come for it later. When I looked at it closely, I saw some foreign currency and some wad of naira notes in the iPad jacket. I quickly took it to the management and I was asked to keep the money and the iPad in my safe at the reception. I did not count the money myself,” the man recounted.
Usman received a call three days later. A staff of Jigawa College of Health Technology, Jahun, told the receptionist that one of the former guests was looking for his iPad containing some money. However, the person could not remember whether it was in the hotel he had lost his belongings or not.
The reception manager immediately confirmed that it was in the hotel and he had found it.
Usman further said that the people from Jahun were extremely happy upon hearing that and when they came to pick up the money.
“They thanked me and the management of the hotel. The Jigawa College of Health Technology wrote a commendation letter to me. It was there they stated that the money was over $100,000 because the jacket also had local currency in it,” the man noted.
Governor Sule Lamido was informed about the situation and praised the noble deed of the hotel worker. The management of the hotel issued a commendation letter to Usman.
“As you can see I am not financially comfortable but that is not the point. What is not yours is not yours. There are three reasons why I will never take somebody’s property.
“One, stealing is against the teaching of Islam and I was strictly brought up according to Islamic teaching.
“Secondly, my father has always warned me never to tamper with what is not mine because it can bring destruction in my life and thirdly, it is the tradition of our hotel not to hide whatever item we found,” the reception manager explained.
He noted that there is a special store at the hotel for forgotten items, with some of the belongings being there for 10 years.
“I don’t see what I did as a big deal. I am just doing my duty.
“I don’t believe that running away with somebody’s money will make me wealthy. Wealth belongs to Allah and if Allah destined me to be wealthy it will come to pass.
“My wife is so proud of me that her respect for me has doubled,” the man of honour said.
Usman further advised the youths to remain honest and hard-working. He added that everything in life is not about money and that “integrity, good name and honesty are qualities that will bring their own reward at the right time.”

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