Wednesday, 13 August 2014

How A Cheating BF Arranged Robbery To Cause GF To Have Miscarriage

   A cheating boyfriend Smith, was not ready to have a baby with his faithful girlfriend, Jessica, that he decided to plan a robbery with his two friends to beat her to the point of losing their baby.
                 It was a one night fling that was going to expose him and he was not ready to have
the shame that he decided to force her to abort it in his own way when she had refused to abort their baby.
He had hatched it and asked his friends to lay in wait and attack them with a wheel brace and even threaten them with a knife.
He had deceived Jessica to believe that he wanted to discuss the pregnancy with her.
The good news is the plot failed because one of his friends had developed cold feet and called the police.

After the case Jessica said: “Part of me wants to believe that he was put up to this by someone, but deep down I know that is not the case.
“It hurts a lot to know that someone I felt so close to could plan this behind my back, yet still be so nice to my face. It’s just evil.
“Nobody has the right to say whether someone, especially a baby, should live or die.
“If Jamie did not want to get involved with the baby he did not have to and he knew this. This makes what he arranged even harder to understand.

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