Monday, 28 April 2014

Photos-- Two Naval Officers Beat Up, And Damaged The Car Of a Civilian in Front of Silverbird Galleria

   Two Naval officers beat up, and damaged the car of a civilian all because he was trying to find parking space and they were behind him.
        Read how the victim narrates his ordeal below:
The victim narrated thus....

On Friday 25th of April 2014 at about 6.10pm, in front of Silverbird Galleria Ahmadu Bello,Victoria Island Lagos,where i was trying to park in a space pre-occupied by another car hence I needed to wait for him to move so I can occupy the empty space. Apparently, a naval Toyota Hilux was behind me all the while then found a way to move from behind me to my side and I was asked by one naval personnel occupying the passenger’s seat what I was doing on the spot, then I replied that I was waiting for the car in front of me to move out of the car-park space so that I can park. The naval personnel abruptly got down from the Hilux and tried to pull me out of the car then he slapped me, tore my shirt and then kicked the door with his boots on - to my surprise he also kicked and broke the glass of the driver’s seat which I occupy. While he was harassing me, the other naval officer who drove came down and was trying to pacify the former naval personnel perpetrating all these nefarious acts but he refused and made sure he broke the glass of the car then they both immediately got into the Hilux zoomed off.
At this point I was devastated and felt cheated so I drove speedily after them till we got to the Naval Dockyard, Victoria Island Lagos. Unfortunately, the guards at the gate hurriedly allowed them in and turned me back. There was a bit of protest around the dockyard with some civilians(women) who followed me from the scene after seeing the unjust measures meted at me at the scene but the protest did not last long as we were evacuated from the vicinity of the dockyard by the gate guards.
Eventually, I went to the nearest police station and reported all that happened. However, one the women that witnessed this ignominy left us with her number and told us to call her if she will be needed to testify.  Also, a friend of mine was in the car that witnessed all these mess and was smart enough to take pictures at the scene including the faces of the naval personnels.
I Hope the Nigerian Navy authorities would look into this sincerely and justly because they need to put their house in order as we were told at the police station where we reported, that a bus conductor was killed by a naval personnel during the week. I hope these perpetrators would be punished for their misconduct and this can save as an example to others if not it will only mean we are no longer safe in our homes anymore .

Everyday, we hear of law enforcement agents taking laws into their hands and oppressing innocent Nigerians for nothing.
It's high time something is done about this, because been an officer does not give anyone the right to unjustly brutalize Nigerians.
I remember sometime this year, I was about to cross the road and saw a motorcycle approaching and stepped back. Despite doing that, the driver of the motorcycle-who happened to be a soldier- rained all sorts of abuses on me. Infact he got down and threatened to beat me up but for the intervention passersby who saw that I was yet to cross the road, and he didn't even have the cause to brake suddenly, and that he had no right to talk the way he did. What was my offence? That I said "...but I stepped back and didn't cross the road, so why all these insults?". Apparently I ought to have shut up while he rained abused on me  himself that day. That is how power druunk these officers can be. I wondered afterwards what would have happened if I had now even tried to hurriedly cross the road, and he had to suddenly press his brake, and many people weren't present...
Please people, rebroadcast and lets hope this story gets to the right authorities, and these power drunk naval officers brought to book...and maybe something is put in place in future to curtail their excesses.
Today Oluwafemi is the victim, tomorrow, it may be you or someone close to you if something is not done soon to curb the excesses of these officers.

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