Monday, 28 April 2014

Millionaire Poker Player Throws a Nak'ed Po'rn Star Off The Roof of His Mansion (See Photos)


Millionaire poker player Dan Bilzerian popularly called 'Instagram's Biggest Play'boy' nearly killed a nak'ed po'rn star after throwing her off his roof.With over 1.4 million followers.The video captured by Love Leak shows him throwing the 19-year-old Po'rn star,Janice Griffith from the roof of his Hollywood Hills mansion during a photo shoot.
Apparently, he wanted to throw her into the pool below but she grabbed onto his t-shirt at the last second and could be heard screaming as she fell into the water.
She later tweeted......
'I broke my foot today,,'I was looking forward to shooting for @Se'xAndSub SO bad today, stupid broken foot.'
Instead of taking the blame, he retweeted a tweet blaming the girl for almost killing him
: 'Dan Bilzerian was almost murdered by a nak'ed female that tried to pull him off a rooftop hahaha good thing he's part hulk.'

 Dan who is worth over $100m lives a life of partying,private jets,and powerful weapons.He has won multiple poker tournaments, his most successful being the 2009 World Series of Poker. He is also co-founder of online poker room, Victory Poker.
But some ladies let themselves be used & abused tho....

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