Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Church baptises dolphin after it was found close to death on a beach(Photo)

Awww so touching and would bring tears to your eyes......Greek Orthodox church officials have baptised a dolphin following its remarkable recovery after being found close to death on a beach.The Dolphin was named  Anastasis(Resurrection)
It was rescued by small group of volunteers from the city after they found it helpless on the coast of Damnoni beach after apparently being separated from the rest of its family.

One of the rescuers spent a night trying to help to keep the dolphin afloat so that it could breathe .When news of the rescue and recovery was broadcast on local television in the area, the local church decided to baptise the dolphin and give it a name
It was last seen swimming strongly out to sea and locals hope it will either be reunited with its family or find another family.

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