Monday, 28 April 2014

Did You Know that Twin Babies are Still Being Killed in Some Parts on Nigeria today?

I was shocked when i saw the report on African Independent Television (AIT), last night! The killings were a concealed event within some communities in the Federal Capital Territory (Abuja), and is flooding orphanages in the area with twin children who were rescued! See an adjoining report i found on their Page concerning the Issue;

AIT’s Akwa Onah however visited a charity home where thirty-eight children including twins rescued from the jaws of death are being taken care of without any form of assistance from the FCT authorities since the establishment of the home eighteen years ago.

Along the dilapidated Kuje-Gwagalada bypass, the home has about 7 bedrooms housing the children who are 38 in number. The co-ordinator of the home, Sola Steven gave some insight into how the home is run.

Sola Steven said

“I raise animals and at a time we sell water, we sell Bibles, we look for where they are running programs. We sell those things to raise money. If we are short of money we talk to our friends”

The challenges of running the home are enormous with individuals and organizations supporting with donations. AIT however gathered that the home has never received support from the FCT administration or the area councils despite being in their need.

Sola Steven said

“We have staffs and because we are not a profit making organization, sometimes it’s difficult to pay. “A friend gave us a fairly used generator and we thought it would be able to work well but it has been very faulty. “Because of the children, in the night you need to feed and change them.
“We have no support from any government agency unless maybe those who come on their own not representing the Government”

Authorities from the Federal government have set up a committee to investigate at the reported killing of twins by some communities in the territory describing it as an allegation yet to be proven.

Ismaila Suleiman (Information officer Abaji area council ) said:

“i can’t tell you that killing of twins in Abaji have ever existed. I don’t know that story.”

Sola Steven, however had more to say on the issue.

“Kutara is under Abaji area council across river Guhara. Why are they finding it difficult to believe that it is happening? “Must it take a foreigner like Mary Slessor to come up again?

He leo raised the issue of xenocentrism being a factor in the matter. He expressed the belief that the government would have found it easier to believe the reports if the person reporting the killing happened to be a foreigner.

70% of the children living in the home are those whose mothers died during child birth, a development that raises questions about the state of health care facilities in rural communities of the FCT.

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