Monday, 28 April 2014

Discussion Time--- Big Boobs: Burden or Blessing?

Boobs, tits, busts, whatever you call it....lolssss.
When it is big it is big, everyone stare at you and most times ladies with big boobs feel so unrelaxed but some men say the bigger the better.....
The bra size, clothes and lingerie becomes very difficult to get.
Yet people go under the knife to increase the size of what they have got.
PUNCH  interviewed some ladies, see what they have to say:

Eva Okon, a student of a private university, told Saturday Breeze that she would gladly go under the surgeon’s knife to have her bust enlarged.  But Olawunmi Adegboyega, a banker, said given the chance, she would gladly reduce hers.
Okon said, “I like my body especially my breasts. They make me feel beautiful. I know that they are large but sometime in the future, I would want them to be bigger. They are definitely a blessing to me; I like the attention I get from men because of them.”
Adegboyega said, “I got attention from even people I did not want to be associated with in the university.
“Apart from men constantly disturbing me, the weight of the breasts affects me physically.  I feel backache at times but my doctor often advises me to relax more. I also have bra stripe marks that never seem to fade off.”Big Breast
Big Breast
Interestingly, while ladies are really concerned about their bust size, men are not indifferent. They said they loved busty ladies who they called “real African women,” others said they are indifferent.
Wale Olugbenro told Saturday Breeze he is usually attracted to women with big bust.
“I think busty women are the real African women. My wife is quite busty and I really love that aspect of her. I love the fact that I have something to play with when we are copulating,” Olugbenro said.
Festus Akanador, a computer engineer said that the bigger the better.
“I like them big. You would be amazed what fun one can have with a big breast,” Akanador said.
Being busty has been a blessing to some Nigerian entertainers. Leading the pack is Cossy Orjiakor, who shot to fame after she featured in fuji musician, Abass Obesere’s Apple Juice video. Ever since then, the young lady has been a popular figure due to her big bossom.
Another popular female entertainer that is greatly endowed in the chest region is Foluke Daramola-Salako.
She once told our correspondent in an interview that while growing up, she was not proud of her bust size.
Salako said, “At the initial stage I used to be ashamed of myself. Then, I would wear clothes that would not make my bust noticeable. I tried everything I could to hide them. Subsequently, I read a book that said the best admirer you have is yourself and the way you carry yourself is how people would take you. I had to psyche myself to love it. After I did so, I noticed that I was getting advances from people I did not even expect.
“Being a deep thinker, I always looked at the advantage of everything; I saw that it was something I could not change, so I had to make the best out of it. I got it into my sub-conscious that it was a plus than a minus. I have had reasons to talk to a lot of people that are busty and do not appreciate themselves. They now see it as an asset than a liability.”

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