Wednesday, 13 August 2014

This Is Act Of Barbarism!..Family And Pastor Humiliates A Four-year-old Girl Simply Because She Has Grown Boobs

I saw this viral video on a friend's Facebook, out of curiosity, I watched it to know what actually was happening. I almost burst into tears seeing the humiliation in that little girl's eyes. This 4 year-old girl suffers from what we call precocious puberty. But because her parents are "uncivilized", they were brainwashed by their pastor into believing that she was under a witchcraft spell and needed deliverance.

In order to gain more church followers he decided to humiliate the poor girl by stripping her half naked just to show to his congregation that he is a powerful pastor that can heal people from any bondage. This act didn't take place in Nigeria, because the pastor speaks French but had an English translator. I had to use my phone to record it so i can post it on YouTube.

watch video here or here

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