Tuesday, 12 August 2014

The Truth About Kolanut And Ebola Virus

Recently, Dr. Maurice Iwu wrote this thesis regarding bitter kola and Ebola and claimed that Kolanut can cure Ebola which was based on research.
However, Nigerian Health Minister Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu said the government is considering making laws that would arrest people who end up deceiving Nigerians with bogus claims.
Professor Onyebuchi Chukwu said:

"One of the things we decided to focus on by setting up that committee is to streamline claims of possible scientific cure, not a situation where pastors and imams claim they can cure Ebola.
“We might even go to the extent of making laws to arrest people with such bogus claims. We would take every suggestion seriously. About Professor Iwu, we know that quite a number of Nigerians accessed his article through the internet.
“What Professor Iwu and his research team proved in America is that in the laboratory test-tube – not in an animal or a human being – bitter kola extract was able to hinder the growth of Ebola virus, that it was able to slow it down or kill it.
“That research was not concluded according to Professor Iwu himself and he says he is disappointed that the research was not taken to its logical conclusion.
“We need now to work with him and that is why we need him. He is a distinguished world renowned professor of pharmacognosy; and he is someone we value in this country because of his professionalism and working with others; we would be able to put all ideas to the test and see how far we go. This is a serious business.

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