Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Photos-- Slyvester Stallone's 92 year old mum works out

  At 92, Hollywood star,Slyvester Stallone's mum, Jackie is still a diva. Not only does she still rock full makeup,wear mini's and sexy outfits,she works out rigorously  too .She said of her routine

‘I don’t waste my time going to silly Hollywood parties. You have to be a role model for seniors. And actually I became a role model for the movie stars at 50, because what they dread more than anything is getting old and shot. But I get more popular as I get older.
‘Hollywood fears age, but I think old is coming in. I think cougars are coming back. We’d all like to get there, get there like me. Not on a walker, not in a nursing home,’
 How cool is that...

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