Thursday, 7 August 2014

Meet The Indian Girl Who Eats And Sleeps With Her ''Best Friends'' - Venomous SNAKES

An 11-year-old Indian girl considers venomous snakes her best friends and despite having been bitten several times, she continues to sleep and eat with them.

“I have a lot of fun with the cobras. It hurts when they bite me, but sometimes it’s my own fault because I tease them. It’s quite funny.”
The girl’s father has worked as snake catcher for 45 years, and his both children are already in the family business: 31-year-old son Gulab and now Kajol.
Bitten several times, Kajol had gone though tough recovery periods:

“It hurts when they bite me but they don’t mean it,’ she said. I get a little frightened when I see the blood but my father sorts me out. He rushes into the forest and comes back with the medicine.”
The antidote is received from a wild plant which remains top secret. The substance also mixed with butter and black pepper should be applied to the wound quickly to save the person’s life.
While the girl’s father is glad to pass the family knowledge, Kajol’s mother wants her to come back to school, from where she was expelled for taking her pets to class. The worried woman said:
“She now refuses to study and will play with the snakes all day. I try to make her study at home but she keeps the snakes with her and gets distracted.”
The mother also worries about her daughter’s future saying it might be difficult for Kajol to find a husband who would share her interests.
More photos of the courageous girl below:

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