Saturday, 16 August 2014

Meet The Black Woman With The World Largest B00bs! (See Photos)

 Even Nicki’s perky boobs combined with Kim’s & Riri’s can’t beat hers! He He He, she’s MASSIVELY endowed… LMAO!

Annie Hawkins-Turner, a native of Atlanta, Georgia is the woman who boasts of having the world largest boobs with the boobs size 102ZZZ which also weighs almost 85lbs ( the equivalent of two four-year old children).

Four kids?! Then she must be really WOOOAHHH! More than we’re even seeing in the (above) photo!

She uses her very big boobs to make money for herself as she stars in soft-core porn movies under the name of Norma Stitz and her boobs give her a lot of attention combined with her worldwide popularity of starring many porn movies.

Porn, porn, porn, I know she can’t have such boobs size without excelling in porn, just like Kim’s ass size that made her reality appearance significant than her sisters!

Vernadine, her sister made a revelation about the attention Annie gets, she was like,

    “When we go out, someone always wants to hook up with Annie!”

Now what’s the cause of these excessive and unnatural tits?!

What do you expect – a medical condition of course! It’s a medical condition called ‘gigantomastia’, which will cause her boobs to grow throughout her lifetime!

But how would she cope by errr….. lemme say 65! The size would have been like twice what it is currently, how would she cope?

While she was just ten, she had already started cruising around in her own bra although; her school mates bully her a lot. To make matters worse, her oversized chest causes her chest pain and numbness in her shoulders and back if she stands for too long and despite all of that, she has never considered reducing her breasts, she like “Why fix something that’s not broken?”

Well let’s check out if it’s broken or not with more photos below…

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