Tuesday, 12 August 2014

He Impregnated Me, Made Me Mad And Took My Baby From Me- Wife

There is an interesting court case in Ibadan where a wife, Tawakalitu Mohammed wants her three year old marriage to be dissolved because her Sulaiman Mohammed their eight-month-old baby away from her.

She said that when they got married, she was hale and hearty, but she later discovered that her behaviour was no longer normal.
“My husband is a traditionalist; He took my eight-month-old baby to an unknown place and I have been mentally disturbed since then.
“He must have done something to me through diabolic means. I was not sick when I married him, but now I’m not well.
“After Sulaiman took our baby away, he chained me down. I don’t know why he treats me this way,” Tawakalitu said.
Sulaiman said that he had cured Tawakalitu of her ailment, he impregnated her, claiming that he had earlier told her family members that he would like to marry her after she was well.
“Tawakalitu was mentally ill and needed to be chained down for proper treatment.
“I’m a native doctor and she was brought to me as a patient. I told her people that I would marry her if I could cure her and they agreed.
“Unfortunately, occasionally, she still displays this sickness and that’s why I took the baby from her so as to prevent him (baby) from being hurt.
“I gave the child to my mother who is now taking care of him,’’ Sulaiman told the court.

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