Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Guys exposes sean tizzle for toasting his Ex GF on Instagram (Photos)

  Different day different drama especially on Instagram. So a guy mentioned at Sean Tizzle saying that he toasts every girl on IG including his Ex girl friend. The guy wrote 
"this is the most stupid and disgusting fag have ever seen in the music industry. Chasing every girl on Instagram …I ll finish your career just wait till she send the chat, fag talking to my girlfriend, now ex doe. Don’t know what he sings sounding like chipmunks (lol @ Chimpmunk) looking ass with all his knuckles blacked out (angry face)….@Iamseamtizzle retard" Well, lets keep our fingers crossed and wait for the sex chat.......... I know my readers would gladly be happy to read it

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